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Pacific Logging Venezuela C. A. is dedicated to provide digital solutions to all types of companies, putting at our client's disposal monitoring and control solutions in order to assist them at the achievement of only the highest performance. We are specialists in digital instrumentation services for the oil industry, providing technological solutions for the construction of oil and gas wells, through acquisition - processing - transmission - and maintenance services of drilling parameters in real time through our applications.
We started our activities in 2006, distributing drilling equipment instrumentation services in Venezuela under the name Venetek CA, one of the most prestigious companies in the Country. We have deployed our services in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico with excellent results since 2009. In order to standardize the name of our company internationally, as of August 2016 our new corporate name became Pacific Logging in all countries where we currently offer our services.
Our long history and expertice of more than 11 years has led us to a data acquisition system using cutting-edge techniques in electronic measurement technology, under a free software environment and through the latest technology sensors. These conditions provide us of diverse advantages compared to international competition, such as: low bandwidth usage for data transmissions, a wireless interconnection system between our installed modules which allows us the elimination of wiring. Along with wireless transmission capacity of up to 1000 Mts at the drilling location or cluster, grating easy access to the transmission data via web without the need of installers or plug-ins, among technical service 24 hours a day. Our RTDriller ™ web application is designed for real-time transmission of information in the web, providing our costumbers the ability to configure the way in which they want to visualize all parameters on-screen and therefore each user may visualize the information in the most appropriate way.
We are committed to the employment of advanced technologies during the provision of instrumentation services of drilling equipment (EDR), real-time data transmission (RTO), and Geological Control (sludge log). We are aware that the opportunity to collect information from drilling operations is presented only once, reason why we avocate to the development of a reliable and accurate data acquisition system.
We are the only Venezuelan company using software and hardware developed nationally with international quality, ratified as being the company that has provided 45 drills of the necessary equipment in the Orinoco Oil Belt along with 02 display rooms, which means 40% of the operational drilling park in Venezuela.


We want to be recognized as the leading company in the sector of services and national technological solutions in the next 4 years, offering our clients innovative services of the highest quality and the efficiency of our products and processes.

Pacific Logging is dedicated to providing digital solutions to all types of companies, putting at your disposal monitoring and control options in order to promote the high performance of them. We have available to our clients the systems that best adapt to their needs, as well as being able to design the best alternative according to their requirements.

We currently provide digital instrumentation services for drilling companies; as well as we supply equipment for companies that develop in the activity of mudlogging.

Our commitment is to provide the highest level of services, training and technical support to our customers. We have equipment, hardware and original software required for the optimization of industrial processes. Our engineers are available to provide preventive, corrective maintenance, adjustment, verification and calibration of all equipment. Some of our main activities are advising, installation and configuration of instruments, automation and control systems for all types of industry.

We Are

  • Data Acquisition Systems Instrumentation Control and Automation of Industrial Processes.
  • Advanced Control Software and Real Time Applications.
  • Integration of the control systems with the information systems of the company.
  • IT, communication, telephony and networks. Engineering associated with automation and control projects.
  • Electrical, telephone and structured wiring. Technical advice.


To be the preferred company in Venezuela, Caribbean countries and Central America, consolidating our activities internationally in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, for the quality and added value of the service provided in the development of intelligent technology and execution of industrial automation projects in diverse areas; as well as the supply of specialized equipment and services for the oil industry.

Permanently optimize our range of current products and services: drilling equipment instrumentation (DEI), real-time data transmission (RTO), Geological Control (Mud Logging) and visualization rooms. Expand to other areas related to our main activity such as:

  • Project planning VCD-FEL

  • Core collection and preservation services

  • Supply of bits

  • Professional assist on process optimization projects for all types of industries.

  • Monitoring of Real Time Operations Offshore.

 We are committed to provide the highest standard of services, training and technical support to our clients at all times and in any place where we operate.

Social Responsability

Estamos conscientes de nuestro entorno y nos interesa contribuir con el desarrollo y crecimiento del país. Por ello invertimos permanentemente en el crecimiento personal de nuestros trabajadores con actividades recreativas y de formación, además de dirigir acciones que apoyen causas sociales y ambientales que permitan cuidar el entorno donde no desenvolvemos


Reliably acquire, process, transmit and ensure the cater and provision of real time parameters for drilling and production wells, with cutting-edge technology, adaptable to customer requirements, at a competitive cost, to facilitate the control and optimization of drilling and production operations by operators and service companies.
Continue to be a reference for our clients at a national and international level as experts in the sector of services and technological solutions in Real Time (RTO), offering innovative products and services of the highest quality, contributing with the professional growth of our company, our personal and therefore the development of the country.


  • Commitment:In our company we understand the responsibility that implies the confidence given to us by our clients, reason why we constantly work for improvement of our services and technology in order to contribute to the best development of our costumers.
  • Excellent Service: We put all our effort into providing constant monitoring of the services provided to our customers, implementing quality policies that allow us to know and meet their needs.
  • Innovation: We constantly update our technology in order to guarantee continuous improvements of our services and products.
  • Evolution: Our goal is to guide the company towards leadership in the industry, which is why we are committed to the continuous training of our work team, promoting professional growth, and contributing to the company's development commitment.
  • Social Responsibility: We are aware of our environment and we are interested in contributing to the development and growth of the country.


    In In Pacific Logging Venezuela, C.A.we are devoted to provide services and technological solutions of the highest quality, seeking the complete satisfaction of our customers through products and services that exceed their expectations, based on the requirements established by the ISO 9001: 2008 and compliance with quality objectives, anticipating the risks of our personnel, respecting the environment, and the national legislation in force.


    It is a priority of Pacific Logging, el asegurar que todas sus operaciones se efectúen cumpliendo las mas estrictas normas de Seguridad Industrial, Ambiente e Higiene Ocupacional, procurando la minimización de Riesgos Operacionales, de Procesos y Ocupacionales con el fin de garantizar el cumplimiento de la normativa legal vigente (LOPCYMAT), los lineamientos de la empresa, los requerimientos contractuales de nuestros clientes, así como la creación de una cultura «cero» accidentes.

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