RTDaq is a Data Acquisition Module, installed in the site of drilling operations and that receives the data from the sensors used to monitor drilling parameters in real time, some of its characteristics are:

  • Output protocol RS-232.
  • Ethernet port output TCP / UDP protocol.
  • PoE DWC-IPE Injector Module.
  • Expansion capacity with digital and / or analog modules.
  • Acquisition of 8 analog signals from 4 to 20 ma and 6 digital Namur signals.
  • Micro controller 16bit at 80 MHz speed.
  • Quadratic capacity signal connection encoder with open connector technology, closed collector, and encoder with CAN protocol output.
  • 1024 Kb EEPROM memory.
  • Built-in internal temperature sensor.
  • Real Time Clock Device.
  • F-Ram 4k memory with 151 year data retention plus Micro SD storage support.
  • 16X2 LCD screen Provides high-quality visualization of the different parameters and Daq options.
  • Protection system for digital and analogue inputs with self-resetting fuses.

This module deciphers and stores information efficiently, has been designed with the goal of providing our customers with low cost maintenance and easy installation of equipment, guaranteeing the precise control that the drilling operations require and our customers highly widely.